Only yesterday did we say goodbye to Misao Okawa, the 117-year-old woman who was formerly the oldest person alive, and her runner-up is already out here staking claim to the top spot, making demands and getting fired up. Damn, girl—Okawa’s body isn’t even cold.

Gertrude Weaver, who is currently 116 years old and lives at a nursing home in Arkansas, said on Wednesday that she’d like Barack Obama to come to her 117th birthday party. He was also allegedly invited to her 116th birthday party, but he was a no-show. Rude.

Weaver is certain that she is in good enough health to make it to July 4, the birthdate her family adopted for her due to her lack of birth records. She claims they likely chose this date because they were a patriotic family—wink wink Barack Obama, if you’re reading this. How does Weaver stay so old? CBS News has her secret:

Weaver is in good health, Langley said, and attributes her longevity to treating others well.

Weaver enjoys “sittercising” - exercise classes she participates in three times a week from her wheelchair - as well as weekly church services and daily talks about cooking, Langley said. She also visits almost daily with her son Joe Weaver, who is in his mid-90s.

Treating others well and sittercising. Sounds like this could be a fun birthday celebration, Barack Obama. What’ll it be?