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According to documents released by prosecutors on Wednesday, Nouman Raja, the former plainclothes cop who shot and killed Corey Jones in October, fired at least one shot as Jones was running away, hitting him in the arm. Raja is charged with manslaughter and attempted first-degree murder.

Raja fired six shots at Jones, three of which hit. The fatal bullet struck Jones in the chest. Ten seconds elapsed between volleys, prosecutors say, and Raja told the senior sergeant at the scene that he saw the “subject had thrown a silver-colored handgun in the tall grass near the rear of the suspect’s vehicle.”

Despite this, Raja continued to fire at Jones. “There is no question that Jones ran away from Raja,” prosecutors said. The safety on Jones’ chrome .380 handgun was still on when the gun was found.

Raja gave a different account of the shooting in its immediate aftermath. “I came out, I saw him come out with a handgun. I gave him commands. I identified himself and he turned, pointed the gun at me, and started running. I shot him,” he told the 911 dispatcher. However, Raja did not actually identify himself to Jones as a police officer—their exchange was recorded by a call center operator Jones had called to ask for roadside assistance:

Raja: You good?

Jones: I’m good.

Raja: Really?

Jones: Yeah, I’m good.

Raja: Really?

Jones: Yeah.

Raja: Get your fucking hands up! Get your fucking hands up!

Jones: Hold on!

Raja: Get your fucking hands up! Drop!

Raja had been told to wear his tactical vest with police markings on it while on duty, investigators found. He was not wearing the vest when he exited his van and confronted Jones, nor did he have his police badge hanging from his neck. He also had left his department-issued duty firearm in its holster in the van; he killed Jones with his personally-owned Glock .40 pistol.

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