No disrespect to people in foreign countries, but they are approximately the world's biggest suckers, when it comes to believing things about America. No, all Americans are not cowboys; we don't all own guns, and work at Disney Land; and we certainly don't make any good wine.

Nevertheless, people in foreign countries who don't know any better simply cannot get enough of the wine we make right here in California. As any American knows, the only thing California makes well are weed, horrific plastic surgery victims, expensive nut milks, high school basketball players, and the rare underground hip hop act with more of "East Coast" vibe. Despite that, the LA Times reports:

Wine exports from the United States, mainly from California, generated a record high revenue of $1.55 billion in 2013, the Wine Institute reported...

Total sales, 90% from California wineries, were up 16.4% over 2012.

What is California wine made out of... grape soda? LOL.

Don't these foreign slobs know that good wine comes from France or somewhere like that??

[Photo of California's finest vintage: Flickr]