Cadillac unveiled its first electric car last month. Apparently afraid that power-lunchers might think they'd gone soft, they rolled out the World's Douchiest Ad to tout the vehicle. Now, Ford has released a video response to Cadillac. That response, basically, is: "Don't be a douche."

The Cadillac ad, which first aired during the Winter Olympics, stars that guy from Band of Brothers and Minority Report in his most challenging role ever, super rich guy. Not super-rich, necessarily, but wealthy and feeling super! Depending on your biases, the Cadillac ad is either an inspired celebration of the American work ethic, or a dipshit cover for self-congratulatory CEOs who are sure their lives are harder than their employees':

Full transcript:

[Hangs out in front of his own huge pool] Why do we work so hard?

Other countries, they work, stroll home, they stop by the cafe, they take August off. Off. Why aren't you like that? Why aren't we like that?

Because we're crazy driven hard workers, that's why. [slaps his kid's hand while passing through the huge midcentury modern living room] Those other countries think we're nuts. Whatever. Were the Wright Brothers insane? Bill Gates! Les Paul! Ali!

[passes mom a newspaper before she leans in] Were we nuts when we pointed to the moon? That's right. We went up there and you know what we got? Bored.

So we left. Got a car up there, left the keys in it. You know why? 'Cause we're the only ones going back up there, that's why.

[changes into expensive suit, adjusts cufflinks] But I digress.

[approaches electric-powered Caddy] It's pretty simple. You work hard, you create your own luck, and ya gotta believe anything is possible. As for all the stuff? That's the upside of only taking two weeks off in August. N'es pas?


Ford's response—which was flagged by Ad Week's Tim Nudd—stars a Ford Focus and Pashon Murray of Detroit Dirt, a company that converts Motortown's urban blight into richly fertilized urban farmland. A Ford representative says it's totes not a "mocking" parody, but judge for yourself:

Which is cool. Good for Pashon. Good for Detroit. And good for Ford. You know what's even cooler, though? Increased urban density, reliable mass-transit, and bicycle shares!