Photo: AP

Breaking news from the only politics blog worth reading: Literally, don’t even try to get Michael Bloomberg to spend time with his grandson until the kid can hit a par four in three and carry his own damn golf bag.

His daughter, famous horse girl and acquaintance of both Ivanka and Chelsea, Georgina Bloomberg, explains:

“I think he’ll definitely get more natural as Jasper gets older,” his daughter Georgina Bloomberg told PEOPLE at the GOOD+ Foundation‘s annual bash in Central Park Wednesday.

“I think when Jasper can play golf and have a conversation about current events, he’ll be a lot more interested,” Georgina adds of her dad, laughing. “For now, my mom is definitely the more doting grandparent, but once he’s older I think he’ll have a lot of great stories to tell and a lot of great lessons to pass on to Jasper.”

At this rate, Jasper will never catch up to Baron Trump. Sad.