Funeral tech is booming. From alkaline hydrolysis, which disposes of one's remains in the most environmentally-friendly way, to rings with diamonds made of a loved one's ashes, the future is now in terms of personalizing your departure from this mortal coil. Today marks yet another milestone in body disposal: the relatively cheap space burial.

A start-up called Elysium Space will send your cremated remains into orbit for the cheap price of $1,990. Your remains will launch into low orbit, and circle the Earth for a few months before you re-enter the atmosphere and burn up in an awesome fireball.

Not only will you get to experience the ride of your afterlife, but your family and loved one's will be able to follow along on your final journey through an iPhone App. The whole thing couldn't be more fun (besides the being dead part).

While we spend our lives bound to this Earth, dreaming of going into space in our brief lifetimes, we might just have a chance to do so right after them. The future, man, it gets weird.