Here's a holiday diet tip from expert Food Network chef Giada de Laurentiis: spit everything you eat into a pretty little bucket. According to Page Six, Giada maintains her "size 2" frame because when she films her show, "she never eats. Never."

Page Six's source on Giada's show claims:

"When Giada films her cooking show, she never eats. Never. When she is making drinks and food that she has to drink or eat, they have a dump bucket that is brought out the second they cut." She spits it out, and then filming resumes, the source said.

"Sometimes when they are shooting her taking bites out of food like cake, they have an assistant take the bite (so you only see teeth and a mouth), and then they cut back to her taking an empty fork out of her mouth to resume filming."

Her assistant is presumably allowed to get fat.

Giada's rep denied but then basically confirmed the source's claims to Page Six:

That is absurd and completely false. She absolutely eats her own food while filming. ...

Giada tapes sometimes three episodes in one day, and they do multiple takes on a close-up of her eating. She doesn't always eat and swallow every time, since they can do sometimes six to 10 takes with three episodes a day, and that would be like eating six to eight meals a day . . . The bottom line is, she most certainly does eat the food she prepares on the show, but does not always consume the whole dish, as that would be too much for most people to eat in one day.

The hottest dish this Thanksgiving is a bucket of Giada's signature Mini Meatball Sandies covered in her own spit.

Giada has previously claimed that she stays skinny by practicing everyone's favorite diet buzz word: "moderation."

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