I can hear the script deal now: A cash-strapped "aspiring actress" and food blogger is being called a "manipulative sociopath" for devising a plan to date as many men as it takes to complete her fancy restaurant wish list.

Erin Wotherspoon, 24, of Toronto has been writing about her "venture into the maze of Toronto’s hottest resto nabes" on a Tumblr entitled "A Penniless Girl, Bad Dates & Plenty of Oysters."

Though she has made no effort to hide her true intentions, Erin was officially "outed" late last week by a local nightlife magazine in a blurb outlining the lengths this "maneater" was willing to go to in order to check yet another "resto" off her 48-eatery "hit list."

"And there isn’t too much she won’t do for a free gourmet meal," writes Toronto Life. "Masquerade as a practicing Jew in order to date guys on J-Date? Sure. ('I’d say my Hebrew is on the rougher side'). Target recent immigrants to avoid risking detection? Absolutely."

Speaking with a local radio station, Erin admitted to being aware that her serial dating is "not particularly nice," but insisted that "not all art or people expressing themselves [is] going to be nice."

That last bit seems to have incurred the ire of Reddit's infamous army of men, which put out an APB on the OkCupid subreddit warning potential suitors to "watch out for this girl."

One Ontario Redditor who claimed he had a firsthand experience with Erin said they had coffee together but he skipped out on the dinner she had planned "because she was boring."

"[A]nd this, my male compatriots, is why you only ever do coffee on a first date, NEVER dinner," responded Redditor VULGAR_AND_OFFENSIVE.

Erin took Reddit's cries of "female Tucker Max" in stride, writing on her blog, "This just in, sometimes women don’t have the best intentions."

"Reality check?" she added, "Toronto gold diggers exist. Be afraid, be very afraid."

Despite being content for the time being with trolling her dates and the men's rights movement, Erin told AM640 she'd be "receptive" to Mr. Right if he happened to come along.

"But at this point I just keep meeting Mr. Unibrow," she said.

[photos via Tumblr, Facebook]