Undefeated welterweight world champ Floyd Mayweather was sued last September by his ex-fiancée, Shantel Jackson, who alleges he choked her, held her prisoner at gunpoint, and blackmailed her with nude photos he’d secretly taken while she slept. TMZ has obtained Mayweather’s texts to his ex, submitted as evidence in the suit, and they are extremely unsettling.

Mayweather and Jackson met in 2006, when she was a 21-year-old hostess working in Atlanta. 8 years later, he publicly dumped her by posting an ultrasound photo on social media and claiming she aborted “our twin babies.” The highest-paid athlete in the world appears to have held his money and fame over Jackson’s head even when he was proposing marriage. In one of the released texts, “Money” Mayweather makes their relationship sound like a salary negotiation:

In another, Jackson asks for “my stuff back”—her suit alleges Mayweather stole thousands of dollars of her property. Mayweather calls her a bitch and snipes, “I took you from rags to riches now you back to rags.”

But that is not the worst of it. We haven’t even gotten to his threats yet—those include hiring a P.I. to stalk her in case she’s having relationships with other men and threatening to release “nasty videos” on Instagram and Twitter. Not that farfetched, considering his previous stunt with the sonogram.

Mayweather is also being sued for defamation by Josie Harris, the mother of three of his children. Asked about his attack on Harris in 2010—to which Mayweather pleaded guilty, serving two months in jail—the boxer told Katie Couric that Harris was on drugs at the time, and he just restrained her. Harris’s lawsuit says that’s a lie.

Mayweather’s history of domestic violence is well-documented, although reporters interviewing him tend to act like it doesn’t exist.

[h/t TMZ, Photo: Getty Images]