Authorities in Florida arrested a Vero Beach woman last month after she allegedly stabbed her boyfriend in the eye for refusing her request to participate in a threesome with another woman.

Indian River County Sheriff's investigators say a drunk La Crystal King-Woolfork, 28, approached her sleeping beau around 4 a.m. on September 26th, and asked him to have sex.

When he rejected her advances, she reportedly retrieved a knife and stabbed him in the left eye.

For her part, King-Woolfork told investigators she returned home from the Shake Your Booty club with an unidentified friend, and the two entered her boyfriend's room together.

"(King-Woolfork) further stated that she and another female entered the bedroom where (the boyfriend) was sleeping and started performing oral sex on one another while (the boyfriend) watched," reads the arrest affidavit.

King-Woolfork asked her boyfriend to join in, but he turned her down, at which point the other woman left the room.

King-Woolfork says she picked up a knife and brandished it in front of her boyfriend, prompting a struggle.

This is where the two testimonies diverge: According to King-Woolfork, she was "stomped on her head" by her boyfriend several times, forcing her to break her cell phone over his head and then hit him in the face with a metal candle holder.

She denies stabbing the man, but investigators say a stab wound was clearly present among other wounds.

King-Woolfork was subsequently booked on a charge of attempted murder.

[H/T: Odd Crime, mug shots via Vero News]