This week in Florida Walmart: one in Tampa sold a steak tainted with LSD to a family four, all of whom ended up in the hospital after becoming ill and suffering hallucinations, according to the Tampa Police Dept.

That family included a mother of two who was nine months pregnant with her third child. The baby was born Thursday after doctors induced labor on the woman after the family arrived at the hospital. According to the hospital, both the child and mother are healthy and were released home.

The Walmart says that it has no idea how it ended up selling a piece of steak infused with a psychedelic drug. The store maintains that all of its meat comes prepackaged and that this is an isolated incident. That said, considering how maniacal Walmart is about its profit margins, it may want to consider that there may actually be a market for selling foods laced with LSD.

UPDATE: There has been some debate on Twitter regarding the veracity of this story. Tampa police say that toxicology results from each victim will be available three weeks from now, so, uh, mark your calendars. Of course, it's possible that the Moarles family ingested LSD some other way, or that the Walmart steak was laced with another hallucinogen. Or maybe we're the ones on LSD.

[image of Miami Walmart via Getty]