A high school principal was arrested in Florida on Wednesday after police discovered her partially undressed in a car with a student and marijuana, The NY Daily News reports.

Officers say they approached the vehicle after an “unsure” caller reported seeing “people in the back seat engaged in some sort of sexual activity or being attacked.” From WFLA:

When a sergeant knocked on the door, [45-year-old Krista] Morton, who has wings tattooed on her lower back, opened it and immediately said, “We’re just friends,” according to police. Morton’s shirt was unbuttoned, exposing her shoulders and part of her chest, the police department said.

Morton told police she didn’t know the male in the car. “She continued to tell me that she had just met him, that she was lonely, she had just picked him up down the street and brought him here to get to know him,” police said.

According to authorities, however, Morton’s 18-year-old “friend” eventually admitted she was his principal.

Smelling marijuana, the officer searched the car, finding both marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Morton reportedly refused to say whether she had been smoking marijuana, “but did tell police that marijuana had been smoked.” Both Morton and the student were then arrested on possession charges.

School officials say Morton has since been suspended from her position with Mavericks in Education, a for-profit charter school chain founded by Frank Biden, brother of Vice President Joe Biden.

[Image via North Palm Beach Police]