Creole-language pop star turned North Miami mayoral candidate Anna L. Pierre, RN, says she has God on her side.

But unlike other politicians who have made similar claims in the past, Pierre is the only one to date who has printed campaign material touting a literal endorsement by Jesus Christ.

Speaking with Local 10 News, Pierre assures voters she didn't just make Jesus her co-pilot on a whim: The endorsement was verified by three distinct signs.

"And what were those three things?" Local 10 inquired. "Well, I'm going to keep them private," Pierre responded.

At least one of Pierre's rivals isn't taking Pierre's endorsement by the Lord and Savior of All Mankind as a sign that she should bow out early.

"Well, listen, that's her opinion," State Representative Daphne Campbell said. "That's her belief. We have to respect that. She wants Jesus to endorse her, that's okay."

Pierre, whose '90s hit song "Mete Suk Sou Bonbon" (Put the Sugar on My Candy) made her a household name in Haiti, previously made headlines when she expressed concern that she was the target of a voodoo curse.

[H/T: HyperVocal, screengrab via Local10]