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"ME: Married, with a Boca Raton trailer, a Klan flag, a Confederate flag with a skull, a 'members wanted' sign, and a lovely wife, ISO same. Had a noose, but uppity neighbors made me take it down. Are you my white-horsed grand knight in shining hood?"

Even tony Boca has trailer parks, and even those trailer parks have Klan-loving bubbas. But how many Boca trailer parks have Klan "recruiting offices," complete with signs? Just one! Inquire within to the man of the trailer. The charming, charming man:

The man, who identifies himself only as Mr. K Hayes, lowers his flags every night and puts them up every morning. "I'm not sending any message," Hayes told CBS Miami. "The same thing when the Puerto Rican flies his flag. He's proud of his heritage. I'm proud of mine."

When asked why he had the noose hanging in front of his house, Hayes responded: "That's because I don't have a big tree in my backyard to hang it from."

In the video below, WPEC-TV out of West Palm Beach catches up with a neighbor who's none too pleased about any of it, but especially about the noose. "You can take that and stick it up your [expletive]" the neighbor, who is white, says.

WPEC took that sentiment to the lady of the trailer, Hayes' wife, Marla Curley. "Tell them to stop worrying. The black lady can stop worrying," Curley said. "You know, we're not gonna… burn her house or kill her children or come out—it's just not gonna happen."

She adds of her husband's club: "It's just a group of people that have the same beliefs, that's all it is."

In the video above from West Palm's WPTV, Mr. Hayes shows the reporter a purported business card for the Klan, with contacts in Arkansas. He also concedes that so far, he hasn't gotten any recruits. But if you're interested, he knows top men. In Arkansas.

[There was a video here]