Seems like foolproof plan: start filling out a job application at the gas-station counter, pretend to be engrossed in the paperwork, and when the clerk walks away, grab the money you've spotted in an easily accessible drawer. Simple crime. Don't even need a squirt gun to pull off that trick.

That's what Anthony Thomas is accused of doing yesterday morning at the Ocala Citgo in Marion County, Florida. As a surveillance video from the Citgo shows, the 33-year-old reached over the counter as an employee walked away, opened a drawer, and pulled out a wad of cash.

Then, apparently, Thomas ran off. Police were alerted and they caught up with him a few blocks away from the store. But how'd the officers confirm he was the suspect?

Ocala Police said they were able to identify him by the job application he filled out beforehand.

He'd used his real name and personal information on the forms.

Oh, Flordia.

[Central Florida News 13]