Eric Ortiz doesn't like spiders. Which is why he got this black widow spider tattoo on his cheek, just below his eyeline, in December: So he can overcome spider that which spider he fears most spider spiiiiiiider SPIDER.

Ortiz' bold statement—he posted this pic on Facebook with the exclamation "Now I will give everybody something to look at!!!!!"—came to light this week when he reported to Volusia County Court in Central Florida to account for driving on a revoked license again, and was kind enough to grant an interview to a reporter from the Daytona Beach News-Journal:

"Everybody fears spiders," Ortiz said. "That's why I got it. Just to, like, make me know, that that's what I fear, but not to fear it. You know what I'm saying?"...

Ortiz's particular method of dealing with arachnophobia gets attention.

"Everybody looks at it like, "Damn spider" 'cause if you're going around your house, you know what I'm saying, you see those spiders, you're going to jump, you're going to jump, so putting one on my face, I say you know what, I'm going to see what people think."

What do people think?

"Some people say 'Why did you get it? You're never going to get a job," Ortiz said. "Some people say "It's cool, man. The tattoo on the face, I would never get it but that one came out cool.'"

His girlfriend wasn't too happy, though.

"She was mad at me," he said.

Ortiz' online status currently lists him as "single."

[h/t Miami New Times]