Sure, when it's your time to split you could die of a heart attack or stroke like everyone else—or you could go down swinging with a little chin music from the World's Greatest Detective, like Stephen Merrill did earlier this month.

"Stephen Merrill, 31, passes away February 12, 2015," read the Florida man's obituary in The Ledger, "due to a uppercut from Batman."

Lacking an official cause after Merrill's sudden death, the deceased's family says they improvised when writing his obituary. From WFTS:

"I made a joke," said [close friend Brandon] Moxam, "Say the cause of death was an 'uppercut from Batman.'"

Moxam said everyone in the room including Merrill's family, fiancée and close friends, all started laughing. According to Moxam, that's when Merrill's dad, Larry Merrill, said, "Yeah, the cause of death was an uppercut from Batman."

As a fan of comic books and absurd humor, Merrill's family believes he would have appreciated the announcement.

"He would have been honored to have died by an uppercut from Batman," said fiancée Stephanie Vella.

[Image via WFTS/The Ledger]