Sometimes you just gotta find a release, man. Like when your lady is going into labor and you're stuck in the hospital and everything's so crazy and just a couple hits could calm you down. Next time, though, spring for a better vaporizer.

A nurse in the infant delivery unit at Stuart, Florida's Martin Medical Center called cops after getting a "whiff of spliff," according to local weird-news blogger Will Greenlee. That's when they found reeky Jupiter resident David Bastin, chillin', after his girlfriend had been admitted to the ward. According to the police report:

Officer Cernuto asked the defendant to make this simple and hand me the cannabis. The defendant reached in his right pocket and handed Officer Cernuto a black oblong device that the defendant called a vaporizer. Officer Cernuto opened the device and there was a green leafy substance that I know from my training and experience to be raw cannabis.

Let's not dwell on the strangeness of a law enforcement officer treating "vaporizer" like a weird new term while recognizing pot "from my training and experience." (Also, "leafy" pot? Are you sure this guy wasn't smoking chard?)

Bastin got booked in the Martin County lockup on $1500 bond and charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. No word on whether his girlfriend had a boy or a girl.

[Photo credits: Martin County Jail/Shutterstock]