According to NBC, authorities have shut down a mall in Melbourne, Florida after a gunman opened fire inside, injuring at least two people. Police say the shooter is "contained" and they currently have control of the situation.

At around 9:30 a.m., calls began coming in about a shooting in the food court of the Melbourne Square Mall. Witnesses say between three and six shots were fired, including one the gunman fired at himself.

Melbourne Police are now "clearing the mall store by store."

UPDATE: Authorities say one person is dead and two others are injured, WFTV reports. It's not immediately clear whether the dead person is the shooter or a victim.

UPDATE 2: According to WFTV, two people are now dead and a third is injured but in stable condition. WESH reports that the gunman was one of the people that died.

UPDATE 3: Police have named the suspected shooter as Jose Garcia Rodriguez, 57, and say the victims were a man and woman. Both men are dead but the woman—who is believed to be Rodriguez's wife—is reportedly in good condition.

[Image via Twitter/@no_geoff]