A Florida senior was barred from his high school's commencement after he sent administrators scurrying to cover up the gigantic wang he'd etched into the graduation ceremony field.

Via the Tampa Bay Times:

Nature Coast Technical High School officials were setting up the stage Wednesday for graduation at the school's football stadium when they encountered, uh, a bit of an issue.

Spanning nearly the width of the field was a prankster's rendition of the male anatomy. Big. Obscene. And without a doubt inappropriate for tonight's graduation ceremony.

News of the unmistakable rendering of a penis sped through the school and gained traction on social media.

Principal Toni-Ann Noyes quickly discovered that the act had been perpetrated by a Nature Coast senior who sprayed some type of weed killer on the field about two weeks ago.

"I'm going to have over 2,000 people sitting in our stands, and we take great pride in our Nature Coast graduation," Noyes said. "I was very disappointed that someone would do this and not think of the other students and the families that would have to look at this."

The school used green paint to try and cover up the dick, shown above, and they also painted a giant "2014" across the field to obscure it in time for the ceremony. Here's another view—celebrating teens, concerned administrators, and all—from Instagram:

Opinions on Twitter were divided over the prank:

Noyes had choice words for the enterprising perpetrator, who could be charged with trespassing. "He didn't think of the ramifications," she told the Times. "He lived in the moment."

Too bad the senior yearbook quotes have already been submitted.

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