An alleged mother-son meth-making team managed to alert law enforcement to their activities when they accidentally dialed 911 while preparing for a cook at their Florida home.

A Volusia County emergency dispatcher who fielded the unintentional cell phone call—a possible butt-dial—listened as two voices "discussed drugs." Eventually, she heard "a bubbling sound as if something was cooking," Orlando's News 13 reported.

The dispatcher kept the call connected for half an hour while deputies tracked the phone to a home in Deltona, where they discovered a shed full of "meth-making materials" with smoke billowing out of it.

"The search of the shed turned up all of the makings of an active meth lab, including coffee filters, a butane torch, batteries, drain opener, plastic tubing, hypodermic needles, lithium strips, lighter fluid, plastic bags and numerous plastic bottles containing a white substance," according to News 13.

Jason Knope, 32, and his mother Donna Knope, 55, along with 41-year-old Thomas Stallings, were evacuated from the meth-shed and arrested on charges of manufacturing and possession with intent to distribute.

[h/t Uproxx, Photos: Volusia County Sheriff's Office]