Art imitated art in Miami this afternoon when painter Maximo Caminero wielded a precious $1 million vase made by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and threw it on the ground. He is now facing criminal charges, but has vowed to "answer all the questions."

Some questions we have for Caminero are:

  • Is art good?
  • Who was the Mona Lisa? No, but who was she?
  • Is Dan Brown a good art-knowing guy? Does he know stuff about good art? Does he have any connection to Nicolas Cage? Can either of these men explain Joseph Kosuth to me? Is there actually a treasure map in the oval office?
  • Who is the best person in art?
  • Got any more smashing planned?
  • What time is the Super Bowl next year?

Caminero was apparently protesting the newly-opened Pérez Art Museum Miami's showing of only international artists. The painter could spend up to five years in jail, which probably isn't art.

[Image via Ai Weiwei]