Your kid might be able to paint this, but not using the method of the flies that actually painted it. It's part of a series that is the brainchild of Los Angeles artist John Knuth, who fed over 250,000 flies pigments and had them do the work for him.

An explanation from YouTube description of the mini-doc that chronicles this project:

There are many contemporary artists who use assistants to create works of art, but it's doubtful that any employ as many as John Knuth. Over 250,000 common house flies contributed to the completion of this body of paintings, living out their life cycle inside canvas-walled enclosures at the artist's Los Angeles studio. Knuth feeds the flies a mixture of sugar, water, and colored pigments that is drank and regurgitated millions of times over the course of six weeks. The resulting paintings are a record of this process, resulting in dense layers of chromatic fields sweeping across a surface comprised of countless tiny flyspeck. Knuth is drawn to the tensions between the controlled environment of his studio and the inherently non-social insects' unpredictable mark-making; a process that he feels mirrors contemporary society.

An ingenious idea. I have long hoped that Björk would play beats over and over for parrots and then sample the parrots' approximation of those beats. This is a little like that.

The short doc is below, as are screenshots of the most gorgeous outcome of fly vomit and shit in the entire history of fly vomit and shit.