The Czech model whose vagina is the basis for the popular Fleshlight sex toy paid a visit to a factory in Seville, Spain, to observe the process of turning part of her body into a mass-produced plastic tube that men around the world use to masturbate.

"My father told me ... that a woman has a special present from God, that with our vagina, we can be star," Euphrat Mai says on the car ride to the nondescript industrial park where thousands of lifelike facsimiles of her special present from God are produced every day.

On the factory tour, she comes face-to-vag with one of the replicas, meets a horny manager who admits he loves fucking "her" vagina, and poses for photos with the workers tasked with picking the ragged edges off of the fake pussies by hand.

The experience might weird some people out, but Euphrat is surprisingly cool with it (or at least able to maintain her composure in the face of a pretty absurd situation).

"The idea that somebody has my vagina at home in the whole world is really amazing," she concludes, "It's not usual, and it's a nice feeling."

The visit was coordinated by vpro tv's Metropolis, a show perhaps most famous for its 2011 interview with world champion masturbator Masanobu Sato.

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