Krokodil, already a popular drug in Russia, has finally made its way to the United States. The Banner Poison Control Center in Arizona has reported two cases of the flesh-rotting drug’s use, believed to be the first in the US. The drug is a mixture of codeine and hydrocarbons like gasoline, paint thinner, or oil that is injected directly into veins. It’s named krokodil because once injected, it rots your skin from the inside out, causing an alligator skin-like appearance. It’s really, really gross. You probably want to avoid the YouTube videos.

Dr. Frank LoVecchio, the co-medical director at Banner's Poison Control Center, said, “we're extremely frightened." He elaborates on the flesh-eating drugs that often sell for ten to 20 times less than the cost of heroin:

"They cause damage to the blood vessels damage to the tissue and there are horrific pictures from Russia that show skin literally falling off the bone."

He also believes the two cases in Arizona are related, but wouldn’t say more except to add, "Where there is smoke there is fire, and we're afraid there are going to be more and more cases."

[Image via FOX 10]