When Jayden Sink's dad Jon told her about the Westboro Baptist Church and their holy war on civility, she felt she had to do something to counter their hateful worldview.

And what better way to do that than with a lemonade stand dedicated to spreading peace and love.

Jon, founder of the Kansas City art collective FRESHCASSETTE, called up Equality House, a rainbow-colored residence located across the street from the WBC's headquarters in Topeka, and arranged for Jayden to set up her "Pink Lemonade Stand for Peace" in the one place the hate-mongering church would be unable to ignore it.

Soon enough, people were showing up from far and wide to purchase a $1 cup of sweet protest juice, and the WBC suddenly found itself on the other side of the fence.

The Huffington Post's Cavan Sieczkowski reports:

During the day, Westboro sent representatives outside to try and find a way to stop the event. They apparently attempted to call the local police and stooped to yelling profanities when that didn't work, like calling a group of soldiers who rode out on their motorcycles to support the event 'bastards.'

But hate proved no match for love, and Jayden kept on selling her peaceful lemonade — 400 cups in all.

Meanwhile, a companion fundraiser being held online received nearly $10,000 in donations, all of which will go to support Planting Peace — the goodwill charity behind Equality House.

"As we all know, the Westboro Baptist Church puts a lot of hate into the world," Planting Peace co-founder Aaron Jackson told the Huffington Post in an email. "Since we cannot stop them, the next best thing is to smother it with love. That is what 5-year-old Jayden accomplished today!"

[photos via Facebook]