Were you a cool guy who smoked but now you’re an old guy who, instead of quitting altogether, prefers to inhale smoke-like material from a machine that glows? Or are you a pothead looking for a new way to smoke weed? Great. Let me help you pick out some Christmas gifts for yourself.

1: VaporFi Pro II Starter Kit (in Colors): As far as I can tell the VaporFi Pro II Starter Kit (in Colors) is a “vape pen” that is available in at least 10 different colors: black, purple, silver, orange, green, red/maroon, pink, white, yellow, and blue. It’s only $48.97. The Vapor Fi website describes the VaporFi Pro II experience like this: “From the colorful variety to the powerful performance, the Pro II takes vaping to the next level with the all new Pro-L II Tank for bigger clouds and better taste. With the finest colors available and power that doesn’t disappoint, there’s never a dull moment with your Pro II Starter Kit in the color of your choice.”

Sounds like a great deal and cool experience.

2.) Blu Disposable Vapes: I used one of these a few times a few years ago. I didn’t hate it. Also, they are cheap and available at most bodegas, making it a perfect last minute gift for the Vapehead you forgot about or don’t want to spend much money on.

3). Pax 2: This one is cool because you can use it for weed. The Pax 1 I was given a few years ago for free was pretty good, though sometimes the mouthpiece wouldn’t close and would make a squeaky noise. Those problems, however, are apparently a thing of the past with the new Pax, which Gizmodo described as “transformation.” Personally, I’d love one of these, so feel free to buy one for me and ship it to the Gawker offices. You can also use it for tobacco.

4). Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer: These look cool and were also included in the New York TimesLetter of Recommendation series. If you want to write for the New Yorker someday, then this is the vape for you.

5) Crafty Vaporizer: This is made by the company responsible for the infamous Volcano vaporizer. It’s also for weed and was one of High Timestop vapes. If you want to spend $330 on a vape, then this is the vape for you.

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