Five volunteer firefighters in Waxahachie, Texas were arrested by police this week after allegedly bending a trainee over and sodomizing him with a chorizo sausage.

The firefighters, identified as Lt. Alec Chase Miller, 28, Lt. Keith Edward Wisakowsky, 26; Casey Joe Stafford, 30; Preston Thomas Peyrot, 19; and Blake Jerold Tucker, 19, allegedly sodomized a trainee, identified in the arrest affidavit as "John Doe #72," with a chorizo sausage as part of a hazing ritual. From the Waxahachie Daily Light:

John Doe #72 state that on Jan. 20, Blake Jerold Tucker, Casey Joe Stafford, and Keith Edward Wisakowsky bent him down over a couch and held him face down. Wisakowsky left to retrieve a package of chorizo sausage from a refrigerator. Black Tucker and Casey Stafford held him down and pulled down his pants. John Doe #72 stated that he was released after the others sexually assaulted him with a foreign object, and he crawled into a nearby bathroom and threw up.

The chorizo was allegedly chosen after an idea to use a wooden broomstick to sodomize John Doe was abandoned ("I have something better," one apparently said.)

The hazing apparently didn't stop there. According to court documents, John Doe had his clothes stolen by his fellow firefighters while he was in the shower washing off the vomit and chorizo. He had to run out to his car, naked, to get a pair of shorts.

In reported video of the incident obtained by the Texas Rangers, WFAA reports, the firefighters can be seen "yelling and laughing with excitement" as they haze John Doe.

The five firefighters were arrested by police Monday and charged with aggravated sexual assault; a sixth person, Brittany Leanne Parten, 23, was also arrested by police and charged with improper photography or visual recording.​

[Image via Fox DFW]

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