Gunmen reportedly shot and killed two police officers and a third person before taking their own lives inside a Las Vegas Walmart store Sunday morning. According to witnesses, the two shooters had apparently made a suicide pact and before killing the police officers, said the shootings were "the start of the revolution."

According to KSNV, the police officers were shot while having lunch at a CiCi's Pizza, where one died on the scene and the other in the hospital. After shooting the police officers, the gunman took their weapons and went to a nearby Walmart, where they shot and killed a third person.

The shooters then barricaded themselves in a corner of the Walmart, where witnesses heard them say they wanted a shootout with police. When SWAT officers arrived and surrounded them, the two took their own lives.

Update: According to police, the shooters were a couple, a man and a woman. After a gunfight with police in the Walmart, the woman shot and killed the man before turning the gun on herself.

[Image via Las Vegas Review-Journal]