In a straight-to-VHS Mary-Kate & Ashley movie come to life, five New Jersey 5th graders were arrested yesterday after teachers discovered their plot to “bomb” another school’s assembly. Police say the 10- and 11-year-old students at Clifton Elementary School 11 made a “device” out of cinnamon and vinegar.

It would not have exploded, obviously. That didn’t stop Clifton police from taking the adorable little plotters—four girls and one boy—into custody yesterday. They were released to their parents after questioning, and no charges have yet been filed.

Sgt. Robert Bracken, a spokesman for the Clifton PD, stressed to that the kids’ plot was not a prank. “They didn’t have the right equipment, but the intent was there,” he said.

“This is very disturbing,” a grownup said about children who made a cinnamon “bomb.”

Police say the 5th graders were targeting an assembly at Clifton High School, where the big kids go. PIX 11 reports that they have been suspended from school for the time being.

[Ht New York Daily News]

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