EDM producer Skrillex gets a lot of shit because 1) his hair is dumb, 2) his music sounds like two mollyed-up bros getting into a fight while simultaneously weeping, and 3) his name is Skrillex.

But whatever, he made about $15 million in 2012, and his career shows no signs of stopping — he told Rolling Stone that he's booked solid through the rest of the year. This week, he released his debut album, Recess, after announcing it only last week, in a sort of BEYONCÉ-esque move. Recess, however, is no BEYONCÉ, mostly because it is Skrillex.

Skrillex, 26, is doing just fine.

He told Rolling Stone a lot of things, actually, in Jonah Weiner's cover story for the magazine's current issue. Things like his Scientologist upbringing taught him "some fundamentals that were really positive that will always stick with me," and that a bottle of vodka he was holding at one point was "the most expensive vodka in the world" (Weiner reported that after some research, he discovered that the bottle of vodka retailed for $45).

Here are five other things that Skrillex told Rolling Stone, in no particular order:

[Dance music is] not something to fucking raise an eyebrow at. Stop taking yourself so seriously. People who stereotype genres, who say, 'If you're into this, you're this kind of person' — it's almost racist. You know how much negativity is in the world? People are dying and getting raped right now. You're an artist — you might as well give something good.

I think it's a fun approach to say, "Maybe 'God' was aliens, and they put us here and we learned technology from them. The whole thing is really fascinating. Why not look to the stars? Look beyond this, accept that there's so much we don't know and a lot of it could be up there. We're gonna have this technology in our lifetime. It's cool to think about. Why not? There's a ton of astronauts and people at NASA who have spoken about alien existence for years — you don't see it publicized." I ask if he believes there's a conspiracy to suppress extraterrestrial existence. There's a possibility of that, for sure. On a real level, until I see it, I'm not making any claims. But on a fun level? Hell fucking yes!

[On Recess' opening track, "All Is Fair in Love and Brostep"] It's the hardest, most over-the-top, dope fucking brostep song ever.

The 9/11 [inside-job conspiracy] stuff is so gnarly, though: If you question it, you're an America-hater. I don't take it too seriously — I'm not standing for something unless I know it's true. But there's a lot of dope information out there that could lead to more things.

If you look at my "recently used" emojis, it's like, heart, alien, poop, kiss, smile, pizza, rainbow. Those are the ones I always use.

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