A woman who arrived at Newark International Airport from West Africa has tested negative for Ebola, New Jersey state health officials say. She is currently in isolation at the University Hospital in Newark.

Governor Chris Christie and Governor Andrew Cuomo announced late in the day on Friday that any medical personnel who had been treating Ebola patients in West Africa would be subject to a 21-day quarantine period upon arrival in the States, going against a press conference with NYC mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday where both governor and mayor encouraged the city not to panic.

Via the New York Times:

The risk, Mr. Cuomo said, was grave. Offering an ominous hypothetical, he raised the precise situation that the mayor and the city's health commissioner had tried to play down the night before: the danger of Ebola spreading through the subway system.

"In a region like this," Mr. Cuomo said, "you go out one, two or three times, you ride the subway, you ride a bus, you could affect hundreds and hundreds of people."

The woman was the first patient quarantined under Christie and Cuomo's new policy. She developed a fever but tested negative for the Ebola virus.

[Image via AP]