A six-year-old boy from Cañon City, Colorado, will have the words "sexual harassment" stamped on his permanent record after he was suspended for playfully pecking a female classmate cheek and hand.

Hunter Yelton is too young to understand the word "sex," but his school believes he sexually harassed a girl in his class after he leaned over and kissed her hand during music class.

According to Hunter's mom, the boy and his "crush" are "boyfriend and girlfriend" and like each other.

"She was fine with it," Jennifer Saunders told KRDO. "The other children saw it and went to the music teacher. That was the day I had the meeting with the principal, where she first said 'sexual harassment'."

Jennifer acknowledges that Hunter has some class disruption issues — he was suspended once before for "rough-housing" and kissing the same girl on the cheek — but says labeling her son with "sexual harassment" is going too far.

"How can you do this? How can you say this about my child? Remove sexual harassment, remove it from his record. I'm going to stand up and fight for him because that's not the case, that's not what happened at all," she said.

The district's superintendent, meanwhile, says Hunter's behavior meets the school's criteria for "sexual harassment," and the harsh penalty is necessary so he can mend his ways.

[screengrab via KRDO]