Firefighters battling an 8-alarm blaze in East Boston also had to contend with some asshole's brand new BMW, which was parked in front of a fire hydrant they needed to access as quickly as possible. They smashed the car's windows and ran the hose right through the front seat.

No one was injured in the Lexington Street fire, but 3 dozen residents were left homeless after a Toyota engine caught fire in an alley, sending several buildings up in flames.

With homes already engulfed and the closer hydrants all taken, Boston Fire couldn't waste time moving the car. But even once they got the hose through the BMW's windows, it was still kinked.

"You can move the car a short distance, which is what they did to get the kink out," the fire department's Steve MacDonald told CBS. "Again, this is all effort that should be concentrated on putting the fire out."

Neighbors said the BMW's owner—who had bought and registered the car just 2 days prior—drove it away from the scene with busted windows and a large dent on one side. He was fined $100 for the parking violation.

"He was mad," a friend told CBS. "I wanted to cry for him. Of course, he brought that on himself."

[Photo: WBZ-TV]