Peak Frozen continued last week when firefighters in Reading, Mass. sang "Let It Go" to keep a little girl from freaking out while they rescued her from a stuck elevator.

As dads themselves, firefighters Scott Myette and John Keough are able to speak conversational Frozen, the majority language of America's four-year-old girls. Their singing quickly eased little Kaelyn Kerr's panic, and they were able to get her up a ladder to safety.

"John said, 'Do you like the movie Frozen?'" Myette told NBC. "So she just nodded yes and when she did, I guess my father instinct kind of kicked in and I just started singing the song, and John did, too."

Kaelyn had been trapped in the elevator with her mom Kristen and baby brother Jackson for 30 minutes. By the time they were rescued, she was calm enough to go to the hair appointment that had brought them to the building in the first place.

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