Still: Newsmax TV/Youtube

Sam Nunberg, a onetime Donald Trump staffer who was canned from the campaign last year, says Trump is suing him for $10 million because of a spectacularly dramatic story about his old coworkers’ “sordid and apparently illicit” alleged affair.

Trump initiated confidential arbitration against Nunberg several months ago, seeking $10 million in damages, the AP reported today. In court paperwork, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee alleges that Nunberg leaked information to reporters, violating his non-disclosure agreement. According to Nunberg, Trump is accusing him of being the source of a New York Post Page Six item entitled “Trump campaign staffers get into public screaming match” from May, which recounted an alleged fight between then-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and spokeswoman Hope Hicks in memorable detail.

But Trump’s lawsuit also opened the door to some particularly juicy allegations. Nunberg fired back in a document filed today, of which Page Six itself has some particularly salty excerpts (emphasis ours):

“The Trump campaign is misguidedly and improperly attempting to use the sword of private arbitration proceeding against me to silence media coverage of a loud and angry argument on a public street between its former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski…and a female Trump campaign staffer, concerning their sordid and apparently illicit affair, which … was witnessed by another Trump campaign staffer, as reported in the New York Post, Page Six.”

“I did not provide the New York Post with any information concerning that embarrassing and lurid event … [I] learned of it … long after my consulting agreement had been terminated … This tawdry public incident between Mr. Lewandowski and a female Trump campaign staffer occurred well after the termination of my consulting agreement.”

Nunberg claims that he did not in fact provide any information about the fight to the Post, and that Trump only took him to court as revenge for giving the coveted Sam Nunberg endorsement to Ted Cruz after he was fired.

Though it may not bear specifically on this story, it should probably be noted that Nunberg was fired for Facebook posts including one in which he discussed calling Al Sharpton the N-word, and another calling President Obama a “Socialist Marxist Islamo Fascist Nazi Appeaser.” No good guys in this fight, but a pretty fun one to watch.