After Reddit effectively consumed itself this weekend over the firing of beloved AMA coordinator Victoria Taylor, redditors have been clawing at themselves for a chance to hear Taylor’s side of things. And now, at long last, the ex-employee has made her first public statement since the real chaos began.

Posting on the subreddit /r/self, Taylor wrote:

All of which is very nice and heartwarming and inspiring, what have you, but more importantly, it doesn’t really tell us much of anything at all.

The prevailing theory of why she got fired seems to be some combination of her refusing to move to the West Coast and a reluctance to experiment with new formats for the site’s AMAs, the latter of which was pointed out in a now-deleted post on Quora from Marc Bodnick, the site’s Business and Community Leader:

Hopefully some more concrete information about what happened will make its way to the surface soon. But in the meantime, hey, at least you know someone out there believes in you.

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