Jofi Joseph, the White House staffer fired last week (and unmasked on Tuesday by The Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin) for tweeting disparagingly about Obama administration officials, turns out to have been one of those Internet-based tough guys who make Twitter such a valuable medium. A few highlights from an archive of Joseph’s pseudonymous Twitter handle, @natsecwonk:

NatSecWonk @NatSecWonk 1 Jul

Can't we round up a group of patriotic Americans to fly to Moscow, head for the transit lounge, and beat the fucking shit out of Snowden?

NatSecWonk @NatSecWonk 1 Jul

@PeasantParty Your naivete is touching. Snowden has no political agenda beyond his self-glorification. Sheep like you should stop following

NatSecWonk @NatSecWonk 17 Oct

I hate taking the Metro late at night, if only because there are so many loud and pretentious conversations. People, shut the fuck up!!

NatSecWonk @NatSecWonk 17 Oct

Has rich kid Tagg Romney ever even been in a fight? What a piece of shit. He needs to tell his mom to lose about 15 pounds

NatSecWonk @NatSecWonk 1 Nov

Does anyone really care what @sulliview thinks? The NY Times Public Editor is a joke. Never seen more navel self-gazing in my life.

NatSecWonk @NatSecWonk 7 Jan

I'm willing to hear out Lindsay Graham's criticisms of Chuck Hagel if he can produce a single woman he's dated in his life. #getoutofcloset

Joseph also tweeted, in March 2011, about a Washington Post columnist and the reporter who would later unmask him: “Surprised to hear Al Kamen now on Twitter. He hasn't been relevant since the Clinton 90s. Gets his ass kicked by folks like @joshrogin.”

And there might be more!

According to Foreign Policy, Joseph “is suspected of being the man behind a different Twitter handle, @DCHobbyist, which spouts spicy talk about sex and prostitutes peppered among tweets on the Washington Nationals and bike commuting.”

The now-private profile of @DCHobbyist now reads: “Sorry, locked this account last night due to a bunch of strange tweets aimed at me.”

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