New information that has surfaced in the aftermath of investigative reporter Shea Allen's termination "without cause" is casting much needed sunshine on the events leading up to her controversial dismissal.

Allen contends that her "abrupt" discharge — ostensibly over a now-infamous blog post in which she "confessed" to certain indelicacies both on- and off-camera (including going "bra-less" on live TV) — took her by surprise.

"I had no earthly idea. It was just me being my usual, snarky & cynical self," she told FTVLive in a follow-up interview.

But a former co-worker told Gawker that Allen's confessional was merely "the straw that broke the camel's back."

According to the insider, Allen's first offense was a literal one: She was arrested back in January 2012 on an unspecified warrant — just a few months after joining WAAY-TV.

Earlier this year, the insider says, Allen was suspended for three days for dropping an F-bomb on the air.

She allegedly followed that up with another warning for running a news package "that contained profanity and racial slurs."

Additionally, Allen has admitted to repeatedly falling asleep on the job, and (maybe) stealing other people's mail.

"Shea has been a ticking time bomb for termination," the sources tells us.

It's worth noting that, despite her alleged and acknowledged missteps, Allen was nominated just this year for two AP Southeast awards.

And two other former colleagues who spoke with The Blaze praised her trustworthiness and tenacity.

For her part, Allen maintains her assertion that WAAY trampled on her freedom of speech by terminating her for something she wrote on her blog.

"I feel what I do in my personal space is protected by the First Amendment," she said.

As for what's next, Allen doesn't quite know, but she's determined to remain in the field.

"For God's sake I just want to tell the news," she tweeted.

[There was a video here]

[images via Twitter, video via Vimeo, mug shot via MugshotWorld]