Finland, Sweden, and Norway have ordered a recall of a number of batches of Fireball, a popular cinnamon-flavored beverage that is allegedly whiskey, but not for the reason you might hope if you have discerning taste in booze.

Fireball is the reason Americans can now claim they drink more whiskey than vodka, but it's actually just a rebranded version of Dr. McGillicuddy's Cinnamon Schnapps, very successfully marketed to conquer college bars and frat basements. Unfortunately, none of that has any reason to do with why Scandinavia rejected it.

Europe has stronger restrictions on Propylene glycol, a sweet ingredient commonly found in antifreeze, than the U.S. does. For that reason, Fireball maker Sazerac reduces the amount of the sweetener it uses in batches bound for European markets. In this case, the Daily Beast reports, the company accidentally shipped the noncompliant, antifreezier American shit instead.

"Finland, Sweden and Norway have asked to recall those specific batches which is what we are doing," Sazerac told the Daily Beast.

The CDC says Propylene glycol is "generally regarded as safe for use in food," and Sazerac insists "Fireball is safe to drink. Period. The end."

So, on the plus side, it won't kill you (any more than any other alcohol, anyway), but on the minus side, it's still Fireball.

[Photo: Fireball Whisky/Instagram]