If there’s one thing this election season has been lacking, it’s screen time devoted to the megalomaniacal ranting of a tiresome one-time television character. Thankfully, this morning Bloomberg News published an interview with the actor Jeff Daniels in which he reprises his character Will McAvoy from the deceased HBO broadcast news drama The Newsroom.

The interview is conducted by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann, the two millionaires who recently got shit on by their billionaire boss. But if there’s anything the three of them share it might be a collective chub for the ultimate plutocratic fantasy: a straight-talking centrist who equally reviles the states of the Democratic and Republican primaries. Alas, the video cuts off before Halperin and Heilemann ask “McAvoy” to make a stirring argument for the Innovation Party.

I ask that the next president make it illegal for anyone, including Jeff Daniels, to cosplay as this deeply maddening fake asshole.