According to reports, a fifteen-year-old Chicago boy died saving his twin brother from armed assailants this weekend.

Demario and Demacio Bailey, reportedly known around school as the Bailey boys, were walking to a high school basketball game Saturday when four young men started harassing them under a viaduct between the bus stop and the school.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Demario was shot in the chest as he tried to rescue his brother from one of the men. ABC reports the men were trying to steal his coat.

"They were raised to stick together," their grandmother, Bernice Fitzpatrick told the newspaper. "We always said, 'Take after your brother, look after your brother.'"

Ordering the brothers to "give it up," the robbers started going through their pockets, the police report said. A struggle and fight ensued, and Demario, the older of the twins by five minutes, saw that one of the robbers was on top of his brother. He went to Demacio's aid, telling the assailant to "Get off my brother," and was able to push the robber off, according to the report.

As Demacio took off running, the man shot Demario. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

The twin's grandmother said it was one of the rare times the boys were allowed to travel between home and school on their own.

"Our children have always been dropped up and picked up and escorted... They were starting to say, 'Ma, we can do things on our own,'" Fitzgerald told the Tribune. "We promised them we would give them a little more freedom. We let them go for one month. I don't know what we're supposed to do now."

Carlos Johnson, 17, was reportedly arrested and charged with first-degree murder in connection with Demario's death.