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Police in Ferguson were caught on camera Sunday night threatening to mace one reporter and shoot another. At least two other journalists also claim they were arrested while following police orders.

Shortly after 10 pm Sunday night, police began launching tear gas at protesters and demanded that reporters turn their cameras off.

In a confrontation caught on the KARG Arugus Radio livestream, a cop noticed Mustafa Hussein filming with his camera lights on—which police claim makes it hard for them to see—and confronted him, allegedly pointing a gun at him.

"Get down, get the fuck out of here and get that light off, or you're getting shot with this," the officer yells at Hussein.

Another journalist was reportedly shot with a beanbag.

Also threatened by police Sunday night was MSNBC's Chris Hayes, who was filming when police told him, "Media do not pass us, you're getting maced next time you pass us."

At least two reporters were also briefly arrested and quickly released Sunday night—apparently while following police orders.

Neil Munshi, of the Financial Times, wrote on Twitter that he was ordered to leave a parking lot being used as a staging area. But hen he did, he was handcuffed and briefly held by Capt. Ron Johnson.

Sports Illustrated's Robert Klemko had a similar story Sunday night when he was also briefly arrested while following a police order.

[Video courtesy of MSNBC's All In All livestream via Stringwire]