Actress and geek icon Felicia Day had stayed relatively silent about #Gamergate, the anti-feminist troll mob that's been targeting women in gaming for the past two months. But on Wednesday, she expressed her worst fears about the movement: That if she spoke up against it, her personal information would be spread on the internet.

"Personally I am terrified to be doxxed for even typing the words "gamergate." I have had stalkers and restraining orders issued in the past, I have had people show up on my doorstep when my personal information was hard to get," she wrote.

She had good reason to worry. Shortly after her post "The Only Thing I Have to Say About Gamer Gate" went up on Tumblr, "a commenter with the username 'gaimerg8' posted what they claimed was her address and personal email in the comment section," the Guardian reported.

The comment has since been deleted, and the comment section has been shut down entirely.

Gamergate supporters continue to insist they aren't specifically targeting women, even as they harass them and drive them from their homes.

The cognitive dissonance is galling to some of the campaign's most vocal critics. Chris Kluwe, the ex-NFL kicker and avid gamer who recently condemned Gamergaters as a pack of "slopebrowed weaseldicks," tweeted, "And for the record, none of you fucking #Gamergate tools tried to dox me, even after I tore you a new one. I'm not even a tough target. Instead, you go after a woman who wrote why your movement concerns her. Fuck #Gamergate and anyone aligned with it."

Those most affected by #Gamergate have been women. Developers Zoë Quinn and Brianna Wu and game critic Anita Sarkeesian have all written about leaving their homes after having their addresses published online and receiving death threats.

Day hasn't tweeted since her Tumblr post went up.

[Photo: AP Images]