Please Let 'Moon Knight' Be Weird

There's an opportunity here for an exhausted genre

Nicholas Russell

How to Make a Movie About a Mass Shooter

Peter Bogdanovich's 'Targets' is more than an early career curiosity

B.D. McClay

Tartt for Tartt’s Sake: The Secret History at 30

Revisiting a book I wanted to love but couldn’t, and still can’t.

Tara Isabella Burton
Britney Spears and Jamie-Lynn Spears   (Photo by Kevin Mazur Archive 1/WireImage)

The Problem With Jamie Lynn Spears's Memoir

'Things I Should Have Said' doesn't work

It's Britney
Allie Jones

'Rear Window' Neighbors, Ranked

Who would you rather live next to?

Close Your Blinds
Anna Swanson

John Darnielle Takes on the Horrors of True Crime in 'Devil House'

His latest novel wrestles with the sins of certain types of storytelling

True Crime
R.E. Hawley

HBO’s ‘Station Eleven’ Surpasses the Novel

Patrick Somerville’s adaptation is about adaptation

Aaron Bady

Nominate Ben Affleck for ‘The Last Duel’, Cowards

It's one of the year’s best performances

The Count
Nicholas Russell

Authorial Fragility and the Enemies of Poptimism

It's good when critics dislike things

Most Things Suck
Christian Lorentzen

‘Scream’ Is More of a Yawn

A franchise that has always been one step ahead finally falls in line.

Chris Feil

Strong Brain

Try it out at your next party

Life support
Dayna Evans

In Defense of Shame

Perhaps it's due for a reconsideration

no regrets
Julia Claire

Scott Adkins Kicks Ass

The star of many streaming-only action movies is better than most of his big-budget contemporaries

Robert Rubsam

The Death of Cool

Joan Didion, Ross Douthat, and conservative alienation.

chain reactionaries
John Ganz

They Don't Make Heterosexuals Like Pamela Des Barres Anymore

Her 1987 memoir 'I’m With the Band: Confessions of a Groupie' is a testament to just how much this woman loved terrible men

Sophie Atkinson

Eddie Vedder's Voice, Forever

It's easy to take for granted how remarkable he is

Dad Rock
Nicholas Russell