Cinema. Pop art photography. Retro gadgets in modern life. Video recorder and cassette isolated on b...

The Five-Minute Nostalgia Cycle

Recent childhood fascinations become fodder for clout and, eventually, corporate reboots

In Retrospect
Guy Dolbey
Beautiful woman taking a selfie by her smart phone

Enjoy BeReal While It Lasts

The photos are not great, but at least they're not ads.

reality bytes
Nicholas Russell
WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - MARCH 22: Christine Quinn poses for portrait at Netflix's "Selling Suns...

Christine Quinn Is In a Car

Talking books and Botox with the author of 'How to Be a Boss Bitch'

boss, baby
Max Wittert
Human brain digital illustration. Electrical activity, flashes and lightning on a blue background.

Braincare Is the Latest Wellness Trap

It promises a quick fix — a sip, a supplement, a scan — to make your cerebrum good as new

Goop for the Mind
Josh Greenblatt

An Underrated Joy of Parenting: Media Criticism

Nothing will sharpen your ability to hate a cartoon like having to watch it a thousand times

Tom Whyman

Is He ‘Hot’ or Is He Straight?

If a man on the internet has a skill, talent, or job, it is important to first remain calm.

Tammie Teclemariam

The Many Humiliations of Being an Arcade Fire Fan

Do I like their new album or do I just really, really want to like it?

Indie Rock
Robert Rubsam

‘Hacks’ and the Tragedy of Cool

In the latest season of the HBO Max series, the facade of indifference unravels

Caring Is Sharing
Sam Moore

Eurovision and Its Discontents

The flamboyant song contest is not only a Saturnalia of Taste, it is also a Saturnalia of Sovereignty

Ryan Ruby

The Genre of Affliction

And how does reading another hybrid essay/memoir about mental illness make you feel?

Houman Barekat

Celebrity Divorce Watch: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

After 10 years of marriage, Biel can't fake it anymore

Can't Stop the Singing
Allie Jones

‘Poison Ivy’ Is a Pop-Culture Punchline Worth Taking Seriously

Katt Shea's 1992 erotic thriller deserves another look

Adam Nayman

Wait but Why Is Tim Urban Back?

Elon Musk is making one of the tech world's most useful idiots relevant again

Stick Figure Philosophy
Aaron Timms

In 'Take Me Out,' It's All Locker Room Talk

The revival of Richard Greenberg’s play about a baseball player's coming out lays bare the rules of the game

it gets batter
Jake Nevins

High and Dry in Vegas

Nevada's water crisis is getting harder to ignore

Lake Mead
Nicholas Russell

A Place For Funny Stories That Don’t Matter

I gravitate to wire service oddities

Net Positive
Tarpley Hitt