The Power of the Blank Email

When you feel nothing, respond with nothing.

Tammie Teclemariam
MANHATTAN, NY - NOVEMBER 13: Comedian Norm MacDonald poses for a portrait while preparing to perform...

Norm Macdonald Loved Jokes

Possibly at the expense of his own career.

Dan Brooks

Certified Golfer Boy

Drake is into golf now.

Teeing Off
Drew Millard

Help! I Couldn't Stop Writing Fake Dear Prudence Letters That Got Published

It was a fulfilling creative outlet, until one got featured on Tucker Carlson.

inherent advice
Bennett Madison

The Metaverse Is for Babies

The rest of us still have to live in the real world

Hanson O'Haver

Being Tall Sucks

Don't ask me about it

The Weather Up Here Is Fine
Nicholas Russell

Remember When 9/11 Inspired Paul Bettany to Propose to Jennifer Connelly?

In the aftermath of a national tragedy, love wins

Remember When
Sarah Nechamkin

Gay Sincerity Is Scary

When it comes to popular gay fiction, on earth we're briefly cringe.

it gets better
Paul McAdory

How to Dress for Fashion Week When You’re Not Invited to Fashion Week

Try a double jacket (one jacket on top of another jacket)

Dayna Evans

Speaking Freely Has Never Been Easier

Despite what you may read, practically every month, in the pages of our most illustrious newspapers and magazines.

Jacob Bacharach

Sally Rooney Is Irish

This is a crucial, although often overlooked, fact when it comes to analyzing her work.

The Irish
Sean O'Neill

It’s Scarier When People Are Haunted by Actual Ghosts

The Night House reaches the limit of what a horror movie can do when the monster might actually be grief.

Nicholas Russell