NEW YORK CITY, NY - APRIL 15: Susan Sarandon and Eva Amurri attend THE CINEMA SOCIETY & NICOLE MILLE...

Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Happily Eva After

Susan Sarandon’s daughter has taught me so much about co-parenting and blueberry crumble muffins

Allie Jones
Young woman with red hair buying groceries in a local supermarket, feeling depressed by the high pri...

Failure to Cope "Under Capitalism"

The inability to do basic tasks is not always a political problem

Adulting: The Sequel
Clare Coffey

The Ceaseless Delight of ‘Nancy’

Ernie Bushmiller's comic about a mischievous eight-year-old is almost 100 years old and better than ever

sluggo is lit
Fran Hoepfner

The Difficulties of Helen DeWitt

Her new novelette, 'The English Understand Wool,' pits a young writer against the imperatives of modern publishing

Jared Marcel Pollen

Take the 'Bullet Train' From Boring to Derivative

David Leitch's new action movie goes nowhere fast

All Aboard
Nicholas Russell

‘The Goodby People’ Is One of the Great Los Angeles Novels

A new reissue is the perfect excuse to pick up Gavin Lambert's classic work

Sam Russek

The Good Little Pig Problem

Why readers on TikTok love this sentimental slop

Elia Cugini

Where Are Celebrity Children Going to College In 2022?

Congratulations to them all, even the ones going to Brown

Allie Jones

I Hate Keir Starmer

The leader of the UK Labour Party sucks in ways both general and specific

Let Me Count The Ways
Tom Whyman

The Allure of Catholic Aesthetics

‘Mother Joan of the Angels’ offers one of the richest portraits of religious imagination

Jack Hanson

Against Swimsuits

All of them

Clare Coffey

I Love You, Jon Bernthal

An ode to Hollywood's sexiest doofus

Pit Bull Fans
Hannah Strong

Anti-Social Conservatives

The Republican party is against society

Matthew Sitman

On Vinyl

People are buying records, but why?

Nicholas Russell

‘The Gray Man’ Is Not a Real Movie

Everyone involved understands this

Business-Focused Content
Corey Atad

Lessons From the Grocery Store Aisle

A journey into the heart of supermarkets in and around New York

Better Shop Around
Dan Vigliano