'The Black Phone' Review: Read the Story Instead

Joe Hill has a genius for shivery brevity that most adaptations of his work, including the latest, fail to capture

Adam Nayman

Hard Data: The Erotics of Infographics

What is it about charts and graphs that get us hot around the collar?

Ben Lee

40 Years Later, 'The Thing' Still Has Something to Say

John Carpenter's cult hit is always worth watching

Who Goes There
Nicholas Russell

'The Novelist' Pulls Off a Rare Feat

Jordan Castro's debut manages to be interesting while also being about spending too much time online

Gawker Review of Books
Hanson O'Haver

Rich Hippies and Bad Vibes in Venice Beach

Lessons learned as a nanny for biodynamic chocolatiers

Man Burmaster

Florida’s Iguana Crisis

Living through a reptilian plot to wreak utter havoc

Population Control
Sara Merkin

Get Your Dad a Book by Nelson Algren

Trust me

Dad Canon
Ben Fowlkes

How to Banish Your Group Chat Ghost

Exorcism 101

miss type
Fran Hoepfner

Gawker Salutes Celebs Who Became Dads in Their 60s

They did that

Father's Day
Allie Jones

D.H. Lawrence's Ego Unbound

'Sea and Sardinia,' the writer's 1921 travel book, is bursting with impatience and irritation. That's what makes it so much fun.

Travel Writing
Ryu Spaeth

I Should Be Able to Mute America

The rest of the world should not have to know the name Bari Weiss

No Yanks On The Thread
Patrick Marlborough

Louis C.K. in Paris

The comedian is alive, kicking, and telling the same old jokes

Brian Ng

‘Barry’ Comes Undone

Season 3 of the HBO dark comedy is sometimes incoherent but always captivating

R.E. Hawley

'Evil' Is Uneven, Unpredictable, and So Much Fun

It's a procedural about demonic possession, and it's great

Nicholas Russell

In Praise of Sam Neill

There is nobody I would rather watch descend into madness

Robert Rubsam

The Curious Case of Leana Wen, Physician-Advocate Turned Covid Pundit

How did a rising star in public health come to encapsulate the pandemic concessions of our experts and leaders?

The Pragmatist
Abby Cartus