The Brilliant Hackwork of P.G. Wodehouse

In the right hands, recycling a plot can be very funny

Jeeves and Wooster
Dan Brooks

Cole Escola Wrote and Will Star In a Play About Mary Todd Lincoln

The beloved actor and writer builds rich interior lives for the wacko characters they take on, including America’s spookiest First Lady

how to be funny
Claire Carusillo

Ayo Edebiri's Most Combative Interview to Date

The comedian and star of The Bear is done being nice, even to old friends

how to be funny
Olivia Craighead

‘The Fabelmans’ Is Steven Spielberg’s Love Letter to Himself

Based on the director’s life, the film has no stakes

We get it, you like your own movies
Sarah Hagi

The Sublime Christine McVie

She may not have been the most famous member of Fleetwood Mac, but she was the most courageous

Natalie Adler

The Most Random Celebrity Couples of 2022

The little boy from 'Love Actually' is all grown up and he's dating Elon Musk's ex-wife

Allie Jones

'White Noise' Review: It Sucks

Noah Baumbach has given us a flimsy, synthetic movie, full of false prestige.

Toxic Events
Robert Rubsam

Will Sheff Goes It Alone on New Album ‘Nothing Special’

“Stories can become so powerful that they take over your life.”

Singer Songwriter
Adam Nayman

Which Famous Olivia Is the Most “Olivia”?

Not all Olivias are made equal

Liv Laugh Love
Olivia Craighead

Lindsay Lohan’s Comeback Report Card

She’s a joy to have in a Netflix Christmas rom-com

LiLo All the Way
Allie Jones

Who Are the Culpo Sisters, and Why Do They Have a TLC Reality Show?

One of them dated Nick Jonas seven years ago

Lights Camera Who
Allie Jones

Who Will Remove My IUD?

I want it out — so why won’t any doctors do it?

i've got no strings
Fran Hoepfner

'Weird: The Al Yankovic Story' Embraces the Beauty of Making Shit Up

A fitting tribute to one of pop music's most unique figures

Polka Legends
Corey Atad

Nostalgia! At the Music Festival

Aging emos descended on Vegas for the When We Were Young Festival

When We Were Young
Hannah Seidlitz

The Worst Celebrity Weddings of the Last 10 Years

Remember when Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski got married in front of the Constitution

I Don't
Allie Jones

'American Horror Story' Needs to Be Killed Off

It's long past time

It Stinks
Tara Isabella Burton