In just a few short years, even the word “octopus” will instantly evoke visions of the great and bloody Cephalopod Uprising, when the sea’s tentacled hordes broke humanity open like a common clam and sucked it dry. For now, however, jus’ look at this li’l squirt!

According to CBS News, the precious wee runt has yet to be given an official name that will, in coming years, be whispered in haunted tones by our once-great species’ filthy, terrified survivors.

“As someone that’s describing the species you get to pick what the specific name is,” said researcher Stephanie Bush of the emotionless water demon that is certain to destroy us all. “One of the thoughts I had was making it Opisthoteuthis adorabilis—because they’re really cute!”

Fun name! I can’t wait to curse it with my dying breath as our cities crumble under the ocean’s unstoppable many-limbed armies.

[Image via YouTube//h/t The Daily Dot]