Remember when the New York Post got something wrong about the Boston Marathon bombing? No, not that time. The other time, when they incorrectly called two random young men “persons of interest,” even though both had already been identified by Reddit and other online groups. Now the father of one of the young men is in the process of hiring a lawyer.

El Houssein Barhoum, the 16-year-old boy's father, is discussing contract details with several lawyers. “A lot of people, they tell me that’s your right to sue them,” Barhoum told the Washington Post.

Barhoum said that, since the New York Post published his son Salah's photo, the high school track runner only sleeps one or two hours per night. “He says, ‘I don’t want people to ask me a lot of questions,’” the elder Barhoum said. Salah also sometimes “refuses to go to school,” according to his father.

Barhoum said the New York Post, despite coming to his home the same day they published his son's photos, has yet to apologize to the family, in private or publicly.

“If they won’t apologize, it’s not between me and the New York Post,” he says. “They should apologize on the newspaper. They should write something on the newspaper, not between us. If they make a bad image of your son, they should make a good image just to correct.”

[via Daily Intel/Washington Post]

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