A coalition of McDonald's workers today announced that they're filing several class action McLawsuits against the company for "forcing them to work off the clock, shaving hours off their time cards and not paying them overtime."

The workers, who are affiliated with the ongoing union-led movement to raise wages in the dead-end fast food industry, announced in a conference call and press release this morning that they've filed suits in California, New York, and Michigan alleging wage theft by McDonald's. An example of their complaints, from the press release:

In three California suits, workers claim that McDonald's and its franchise owners failed to pay them for all time worked, failed to pay proper overtime, altered pay records and deprived them of timely meal periods and rest breaks. A fourth case makes similar claims on behalf of a statewide class of workers in McDonald's corporate-owned restaurants, who are adding their claims to a lawsuit for unpaid wages, penalties, and other relief that is already pending against McDonald's in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Other suits challenge Mcdonald's practice of making workers purchase and pay to clean their own uniforms.

Fast food workers, who are people just like you, can use every dollar they can get.

[Photo: AP]