Farrah Abraham, having conquered publishing, sex tapes, and reality television, has set her sights on the next frontier of entrepreneurism: selling frozen yogurt and other not-hot foods. She's opening Froco Fresh Frozen in Austin this fall. Its mascot, Coba ("the popping boba"), is terrifying:

"It's my own concept. It's about having fresh and frozen cuisines and foods at this restaurant. It's very family friendly," Abraham told ("told?") the website Starcasm:

Before finalizing plans, Farrah ran the concept by "others in salons, playgrounds, stores, and just everywhere." When the feedback was a resounding "go for it," Farrah settled on the Froco idea.

Apparently, according to Froco website copy—ostensibly written by Abraham herself—that has since been replaced with dummy text, Greek yogurt will be slathered on everything. (No word if it's Fage.):

"The founder felt strongly compelled to include Greek yogurt in to as many of the food products at Froco as possible which are found in certain flavors of frozen yogurt and all the freshly made to go food items."

So why the Greek yogurt obsession? The site explains, "The founder after moving to Texas at the age of 22 right before the creation of Froco was told by her doctor to better her health with plain Greek yogurt. Being the foodie that the founder is, the founder put Greek yogurt in everything – sandwiches, pastas, salads, wraps, sushi, desserts and the founder was happy to taste better enhancement of flavors with the Greek yogurt in all the food options. The founder found the balance of taste, health, and quality and wanted to bring this to everyone's lifestyle all year round."

Froco will also be a lifestyle of sorts. "Poppin'," even:

"The Froco lifestyle is about spreading positivity and passion to others and always keepin it poppin," the site says. "Serving fresh and frozen food to keep us healthy, smart and happy at all times."

And should you have the desire and spare cash, you can also buy your very own Froco franchise. Serious inquiries only. From Reality Tea:

There's more! For a cool $200,000, you can purchase your very own Froco from Farrah! "You may have thought 'I wanted to open my Froco like yesterday!' So if your that serious and sure about the great passionate and positive feelings inside about Froco let's get it poppin!"

However, if you want to buy into Farrah's franchise, you must be serious and live up to her high expectations. "Froco is committed to growing the lifestyle with a no nonsense attitude, we help you achieve success rapidly; we will not be like other franchise processes as we were found on better expectations. This is not about franchising this is about a lifestyle."

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