Photo of a school shut down for visa fraud last year via AP

The University of Northern New Jersey may have been a fake school established by the Department of Homeland Security, but its job placement wasn’t half bad.

The sting operation, designed to catch student visa fraud, ended this week with the arrests of 21 people who allegedly connected foreign students looking to extend their visas with schools where they wouldn’t actually have to take classes. Authorities say the brokers, thinking the school was real, worked with “administrators” to enroll the foreign students, who used the paperwork to stay in the country legally.

But for a fake school, it has some notable graduates: According to the New York Times, the 1,076-person class of 2016 ultimately found employment at companies like Apple, Facebook, Morgan Stanley, “other prominent financial institutions,” and even the U.S. Army.

I guess the lesson is, be suspicious of anyone who tells you, “I went to school in New Jersey.”